We’ve discovered what might be the most exciting short filmmaking financing secret, and the best thing is that very few filmmakers will be using it. I wanted to share it with you to help you raise funds for your projects.

Local Businesses, and particularly those in highly competitive markets are always seeking to improve their balance sheets and exposure. The bad news? You’ll have to think commercially and offer them something that really excites them as proposal and allows them to earn from it. The good news, is that if done right it can seriously be a good solid, consistent source of financing and exposure.

If we’re truly to make money out of short films, and help our client to make money, we need to make sure we approach the right types of local businesses. I think there are four main traits that the ‘right’ type of business will have.

The next step is market research. You’ll need to have a pretty good idea of the business before you can approach them. Some searches online will help you, and normally the company will publicise their affiliate program on the footer of their website.

By now you should have looked into the detail of the company and made sure they’re the right company to approach. The next step is to get a great idea of the brand values and develop a strong creative idea. The pitch should include other movies you’ve made as well as a strong idea presentation. After all we’re after financing and the pitch needs to be a commercial pitch.

And here’s where it gets clever. Since they’ve got a mailing list this gives you the chance to go viral.

Make the short film. Sign up for the affiliate program. Post the video on YouTube. Make sure you include your hyperlink going to the affiliate program in the description to the video, this way it is possible to track how many clicks and sign ups have occurred.

Now, of course we need to get people to watch the film. So what’s the trick? By setting up your account on You Tube, and posting the film, it is then possible to promote it to the mailing list that the company has. Ask them to leave comments. Comments mean that the video is popular and You Tube recognises this as a sign that people are engaging in the movie..

And here’s what happens: Your movie gets seen by significant numbers of people viewing it and a lot of clicks on your link in the description.

There’s a little more to it of course to boost everything even further. When selecting your title make sure you choose keywords that associate it with other popular videos on You Tube and in addition, and do the same thing for the tags. This means that the film appears in the ‘related videos’ section on the right hand side, and means that your film can be found by other people watching popular videos.